Virtue In Vain are a 4 Piece Progressive Metalcore band coming straight out of South Wales. 

With members based around Wales & London, they have played extensively around the UK showcasing their energetic live shows and pouring everything they have into their music. 

With a combination of heavy & fast riffs with the raw honesty of the lyrics, Virtue In Vain has a clear desire to leave a lasting impression. 


‘Included in this EP are all the attributes for a killer band both live and on record’

– Callum Thomson (mosh.hitthefloor)


‘This is a very promising debut from Virtue In Vain. They have bags of talent and potential, and it will be very interesting to see what parts they decide to build on as they go forward and develop their sound and style further. ‘ 

 Nicola Edwards (TBFM Online)


‘Boasting riffs galore and itching with potential, Virtue In Vain have produced an EP that metalheads are sure to love.’

 – Elizabeth Mayfield (Mentioned Reviews)


    DUSK // DAWN 


     Self Release

    The Whispers Of Sleep


     Self Release



     Self Release