Virtue In Vain are a 4-piece Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore band based in Cardiff, South Wales. 

Since forming in 2012, Virtue In Vain have established themselves as one of the strongest upcoming bands following the release of their debut singles ‘Watchmaker’ and ‘Hollow Tides’.

Virtue In Vain have built a solid following performing around the UK, showing their highly energetic set and progressively heavy songs. Virtue In Vain have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with names such as Napoleon, Demoraliser, Ready Set Fall, Lock & Key, Fathoms and many more.

With the release of their debut EP ‘For All You Know Is The Mask I Wore’, Virtue In Vain show the dedication that goes into every live performance over a 7 track EP which balances technicality with raw aggressive passion that they portray so well.

Virtue In Vain are more focused and determined to push themselves even further and show no signs of stopping soon.